Fall beers, what’s in your fermenter?

So it is officially harvest season and many of the pro’s have had their harvest and season specific beers out for a while.  While I personally think many of these beers where out far to early by months, it seems that overall public opinion is positive.

As a home brewer what do you like to make for autumn season beers?  Are they spiced? Or is a straght pumpkin beer more your style?  How do you add your pumpkin? puree from a can? Live pumpkin meat? Or are you one of those super creative people who like using the pumpkin itself as a mashtun or fermentor? Have you tried adding wet or dried apples or pears to secondary like you would hops? Apples and pears can also be pressed into cider and pear juice, what about using those in a mash or even as the base for an extract beer.  This style of beer production is relatively unheard of.  Who knows you might just kick off the next new thing in craft beer, or a least make a beer that  becomes a regular in your yearly rotation.

Incorporating the nuances of fall fruits and vegetables can add a deeper dimension to your brews.  Even if you don’t want  to work with real fruit, there are a number of great extracts on the market that can be added at bottling to give your beer that hint of something special.  Come by Kettle to keg to see Jesse for all your fall brewing needs.